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Cowling Rawnsley Financial Solutions Leeds

How Financial Advice Works


Gathering InformationIt may seem obvious, but before any financial planning can start, we will need to know about you, your lifestyle, expectations, goals and personal requirements. To do this we will complete a ‘FactFind’ and record information that we will need to give the very best independent financial advice to suit your needs and help to obtain your personal goals.


The information in a ‘FactFind’ includes but is not limited to:


· Personal information

· Employment

· Income

· Expenditure

· Assets

· Liabilities

· Objectives and attitudes

· Existing and future needs

· Ability to provide for them

· Attitude towards providing for them

· Knowledge and experience of investment

· Attitude to risk


Establishing your Goals & Objectives

During the meeting, our advisers will endeavour to establish what your objectives are, what you wish to be able to achieve and any ambitions you may have, as this will form the basis of our research in order to provide you with the best plans going forward. The goals are typically those of immediate needs that you are currently considering, but it’s also important to consider the ‘One Day’ goals or those you think could be less realistic. You never know, with careful financial planning and guidance, that elusive dream might be just around the corner.

· Planning for Retirement
· Plan & Save for a Special Occasion
· Paying for Higher Education or School Fees
· Buying a Second or Holiday Home
· Estate Planning – Ensuring your estate is passed to the person or people of your wishes.



Analyse your Financial Situation & Data


Once we have established your personal objectives and goals, it’s then time to decide how to realise them and to plan to achieve them. With the support of our paraplanning team, we will conduct product research, specific to your personal needs to identify the most suitable recommendations to help achieve your personal financial goals and objectives. These could include things such as:

· Best solutions for your Pension & Retirement Planning
· Researching the best options for an Annuity
· Helping to reduce an inheritance tax liability
· Other Tax and Wealth Planning
· Protecting your family in event of premature Death or Critical Illness
· Protecting your mortgage in event of Death or Critical Illness
· Finding the most suitable mortgage or remortgage for your needs
· Getting you the best return on your Investments & Savings
· Considering ethical investments for your wealth planning
· Trustee & Estate Planning



Provide a Recommendation and Solution


After the research stage has been completed, we will provide you with personal recommendations and solutions on how best to achieve your goals and objectives. These recommendations are not set in stone and you don’t have to take them up. However, they are based on the best and most effective way to achieve your goals.



Implement the Plan - Recommendations & Solutions


After discussions relating to the recommended way to achieve your desired goals, it’s our job to then implement these plans. Our administration team will handle and manage all applications and paperwork in relation to the products and/or plans selected and ensure they are implemented in accordance with the latest regulations and legislation to ensure maximum effect and benefit.



Ongoing and Regular Reviews


An ongoing relationship with our clients has always been integral to our business, as we believe that it can add significant value to both individuals and businesses.

Dependent upon your individual circumstances the ongoing relationship may vary but the main purpose of this is to monitor your ongoing position to ensure that the products or action plans selected continue to meet your requirements.


Through regular reviews we can also develop our planning strategies over time to take into account your changing circumstances and objectives as well as developments in economic conditions, legislation (taxation etc), new ideas and financial products.

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